Bottle Labels

Labels are printed and supplied as individual, on sheets or on rolls.

Most labels for bottles, however, are supplied on rolls. Labels on rolls are required when machine labeling products, such as bottles, jars and bags, and the production of the labels needs to be set up to the specifcations on the labeling equipment.

This can include the leading edge of the sticker, the core size, the maximum outside diameter of the rolls, the gaps between the labels on the rolls, and whether front and rear labels are supplied on a single roll or seperate rolls.

Labelling on bottles also needs to take into account the shape of the bottle and the type of bottle. Bottles which are not symetrical from top to bottom may require a specific die cut. Transparent bottles when printing transparent labels may required white under. When printing white, it may also require screen printing or white printed twice to deepen the effect of the white print.

When hand labeling products, rolls are not necessary, and do not improve the adhesiveness of the labels themselves. They may look pretty on a roll, but there are many options on sheets we have availbale which are more cost effective.

The roll direction, or leading edge of the sticker, is particularly important when you provide the specifications for your stickers on rolls. If the stickers are not required for machine labelling and/or you have not supplied a specified leading edge, stickers will be produced based on the most effective production method. 

Roll direction is supplied as orientation and leading edge. For example, Landscape Left Edge Leading, means the sticker is landscape when reading the majority of text and the left edge is first off the roll. This may also be Portrait Left Edge Leading, which means when reading the majority of the text, the sticker is landscape and the leftedge is first off the roll. These layouts are typical for bottle labeling, and the majority of stickers for labeling are supplied in this format. For thermal printed labels, where the stickers are overprinted with prices, product details, or other unique information, these are typically supplied as bottom edge leading.

As all specifications for rolls layouts and directions are specific to your company and the labelling equipment, it is important that this information is relayed when requesting a quote and processing an order. Remember, once the labels are manufactured, they cannot be altered to a different orientation so information supplied for production is important.

If you are unsure, we are here to assist you with your purchasing experience. We have been supplying stickers from our factories in Australia for over 15 years, and have more than 100 years combined experience in stickers. We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide options to create a unique label and product branding for you.

Bottle Labels

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